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How it started

Barkity Market has been a business idea for years but it took the 2019 Co-vid quarantine to bring it to life.   With time on their hands, owner Janet and her sister Sandy were able to create and perfect the treat and toy concepts that gave Barkity its start.    With so many concerns over the quality of pet treats on the market and the high number of stories of beloved pets made sick and even dying from the products they had eaten, Barkity comes to the market with human-grade, USA ingredients to give owners peace of mind when purchasing for their pets.   The number of ingredients in each treat is limited to the basics and pets (and their owners) love them. 

Another happy result of Barkity Market is the cooperation we are building with other local small businesses.   We have a unique network of makers who create many of the products we sell.  Currently, our group includes several women-owned small businesses and as we expand we are hiring local and helping others get started as well.

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