Relax Dog Aromatherapy (2.7 oz)

Relax Dog Aromatherapy (2.7 oz)

Soothe your dog's anxiety....naturally!


Fear and Anxiety in dogs can be triggerred by a variety of reasons such as loud noises (thunder, fireworks), separation, or traveling.   Relax Dog Aromatherapy gently eases stress and fear for your frightened dog using all natural essential oils


Relax contains a blend of the following calming oils in just the right ratios for each to be effective without cancelling each other out.


  • Cedarwood grounds & reduces panic
  • Cypress soothes frazzled emotions
  • Frankincense quiets anxiety
  • Lavender classic calming
  • Vetiver stress relief
  • Bergamot uplifts and balances


Using Relax Spray

  • Shake gently before using
  • Begin application prior to, or as soon as possible after onset of trigger
  • Reassure your dog in a calm manner
  • Spray onto hands(or cloth) and pet dog
  • Spray beds, crate & inside vehicle
  • Reapply as needed